Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:Do I have to register your site in order to purchase?


You do not need to register with us.

You can purchase easily without registration.

Q:Can I cancel my order?

A:We will begin production of the product immediately after your order is placed, so orders cannot be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding.

Q:How can I order at this site?

A:Please check Shopping Guide page.


Q:What payment options are available?

A:You can pay by the following payment options.

- Credit card

- Amazon Pay

- Apple Pay

- Google Pay

Q:Is there a fee for paying by credit card?

A:No. No fees will be charged for credit card payments.

Q:Which currency do you charge?

A:We charge in Japanese Yen.

Even though we charge in Japanese Yen, usually the total amount will be exchanged to your local currency at the exchange rate of your credit card company.

For detail, please contact your credit card company.

Delivery / International Shipping

Q:How long does it take to receive my order?

A:Your order will be shipped within 5 business days from your order.

For orders including Special Lucky Jewelry collection, orders will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after receiving your order.

This is because products of Special Lucky Jewelry collection are made to order.

Delivery days:

The number of days required for delivery depends on the delivery country.

Delivery to Asian countries usually takes 2~4 days.

Delivery to European and Oceania countries usually takes 3 ~ 7 days.

Delivery to North America usually takes 4 ~ 7 days.

Delivery to other areas usually take 5 ~ 9 days.

Please note that delivery may take longer due to natural disasters or any other unforeseen cirumstances.

Q:What is your shipping method?

A:Delivery will be made by Express Mail Service or Airmail.

If Express Mail Serice or Airmail is not available, alternative delivery will be selected.

Q:How much is for international shipping?

A:International Shipping costs from ¥1000 to ¥250 depending on where to ship.

And, ordres totaling ¥30000 or more will receive Free International Shipping!*

*Free International Shipping terms and conditions are subject to change at the time of the campaign.


Q:Is it safe to order?

A:Our site is developed by Shopify, platform by a Canadian e-commerce company listed on New York Stock Exchange.

Shopify is used by more than 4 millions stores (as of Oc 2022) worldwide.

Therefore, we believe that Shopify platform is reliable.

Q:Is it safe to pay by credit card at your site?Do you hold our card information?

A:Yes, it is safe to pay by credit card at our site. And, we do not hold your credit card information.


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