Tenugui Towel


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Tenugui with Japanese auspicious motifs.

It can be used like a towel, but also can be used as a fashion item.

In addition, it is cool to decorate your room with Tenugui. You can place it like a tapestry.



There are 3 different designs available.

*This is NOT a set of 3 designs.


Tenugui with dragon design in black and white.

Dragons are said to be the source of all energy and have the power to raise any luck

Mt.Fuji & Wave

Tenugui with Mt.Fuji & wave design, a famous ukiyoe landscape.

The violent waves give the impression of pushing the power of Mt.Fuji.

Red Mt.Fuji

Tenugui with red Mt.Fuji design.

Because red Mt. Fuji is rarely seen, it is believed to bring good luck for work and money.



・Cotton 100%


・Length: 100cm

Tenugui (手ぬぐい)

Tenugui (手ぬぐい) is a cotton cloth meaning "something to wipe one's hands with."

It was widely used by the general public in the Edo period, just as hand towels and handkerchiefs are used today. 

Tenugui was also loved as a fashion item in the Edo period, and there were even competitions for tenugui designs.

Even today, schools, town councils, and companies often make and distribute tenugui with original designs.


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Dragon Power & Energy

Feel dragon power & energy!

Raise your luck by wearing koikuchi shirt with dragon!

Mt. Fuji Good Prospects

Mt. Fuji's shape, which stretches out slowly and widely from its summit to its foot, looks like a spreading out end.

This shape means "to spread gradually toward the end" or "to flourish gradually.

Therefore, Mt. Fuji is considered to be an auspicious mountain that offers good prospects for the future.

Tenugui (手ぬぐい)

Can be used in a variety of ways, as hand towels, handkerchiefs, fashion items, room decorations, and more!

Use tenugui your way!