Akoya Pearl Necklace Single (Made in Japan)


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A single pearl necklace with high-quality Japanese Akoya pearls.

The elegant and gentle glow of the pearls will make an elegant impression on you.

As a subtle accent, it comes with a charm designed with "tiger," the Chinese zodiac sign for this year, and "15," an important lucky number.

  • Pearl size: 8~8.5mm

  • Chain: 45cm K18 white gold 0.6 cut ball chain (sliding type)

  • Charm:  925 silver rhodium plated

Akoya pearl identification certificate is included.

  • Made in Japan
Power of Tiger & 15

In addition to the Akoya Pearl, the power of the Tiger, the 15, are also included in this necklace, making it the most powerful power necklace ever.

Pray for "Wish fulfillment"

Tiger charm is prayed for "wish fulfillment" at the famous good luck shrine, Hogihogi Shrine, in Kumamoto, Japan.

A certificate of prayer at Hogihogi Shrine is included in the package.

Akoya Pearl

As the name implies, Akoya pearls are pearls that can be harvested from Akoya oysters. Cultivation of Akoya pearls has long been popular in Japan, with famous culturing areas located in Mie, Ehime, and Nagasaki prefectures.

Although culturing is also taking place overseas these days, Japanese Akoya pearls are said to be the highest ranked in the world, and are a popular jewelry item among people from overseas as well.

The "elegant" and "gentle" luster of Akoya pearls will further enhance your charm.

Pearls are said to have the following powers:

・To attract good energy
・To attract good relationships
・To bring out your true charm
・To heal you from stress and fatigue
・To protect you from bad things

Because pearls are produced by shellfish slowly over time, they have a strong, high-quality power.

Pearls, like diamonds, have their own ranks. Akoya pearls handled in our store are of course produced in Japan and selected for their quality to be allowed to be sold in famous department stores, so they are highly valuable as jewelry.

Prayed for "wish fulfillment"

We incorporate materials that have been carefully prayed for "wish fulfillment" at Hogihogi Shrine into this product.

Hogihogi Shrine?

Hogihogi Shrine is a famous good luck shrine iin Kumamoto, Japan.

More deities are enshrined at Hogihogi Shrine than regular shrines.

Despite the shrine's secluded location in the mountains and forests, there is no end to the number of worshippers who visit the shrine to worship the various deities that fulfill various "treasures".

Lucky number「15」

In both feng shui and family name divination, "15" is considered an important lucky number.

Money luck: You will have great financial fortune and a rich life. And they won't envy you for it.

Work luck: Opportunities come your way and you succeed in any job.

Love luck: Full of attractiveness, well-liked by others, and more opportunities for romance.

Let's wear such a supremely lucky "15" every day.

The strong power of the tiger!

It is said that a tiger "goes a thousand miles in a day and returns a thousand miles in a day," and that it has the power to make one's wishes come true as early as possible through its strong life force.

The yellow vertical pattern is a symbol of "golden fortune" and is said to bring good fortune.

Furthermore, the tiger is said to bring up children with love and affection, and is said to bring good luck in childbirth, fertility, and marital bliss.

The tiger is also said to have the power to repel all enemies because of its sharp eyes that glare at foreign enemies.

Wear the tiger's powerful power every day to bring in all kinds of luck.

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