About Hokkaido Jingu(北海道神宮)

Hokkaido Shrine, known as the most potent power spot in Hokkaido, is a beloved spiritual landmark in Sapporo, long revered as the 'Holy Land of the North.'

This sacred site, intertwined with the history of Hokkaido's development, is believed to be a point of convergence for two 'dragons' in Feng Shui, bestowing it with exceptional energy.

The shrine pays homage to those who devoted their lives to Hokkaido's development, despite its challenging natural conditions.

A visit to the Hokkaido Shrine offers an ideal opportunity for rejuvenation, providing a boost of new energy for daily life.

As the spiritual heart of Sapporo and Hokkaido, it beckons to all.

This unique power spot, where history and nature harmonize, is an essential destination for anyone seeking fulfillment and enrichment in life.


The blessings of Hokkaido Jingu

  • Career Success: A powerful ally for those seeking advancement and success in their professional lives.
  • Luck in Competitions: A divine aid for those aiming for victory in various competitions and challenges.
  • Financial Prosperity: A source of blessings for those aspiring for financial stability and prosperity.


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