Work Luck Bracelet for Men (Made in Japan)


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This bracelet is decorated with "black onyx," which is said to strengthen the will of its owner since ancient times.

It is said to awaken latent abilities and charisma, and to be effective in "getting results" and "winning the game. It is also well known as an amulet to ward off evil and protect against risks at work.

The 10mm multi-faceted cut power stone bracelet creates a moderate presence.
Pray for "Wish fulfillment"

Tiger charm is prayed for "wish fulfillment" at the famous good luck shrine, Hogihogi Shrine, in Kumamoto, Japan.

A certificate of prayer at Hogihogi Shrine is included in the package.


・M:Approx. 16cm inner circumference
(for standard women's size, slim men's size)

・L:Approx. 18cm inner circumference
(for large women's size, normal men's size)

・XL:Approx. 20cm inner circumference
(for large men's size)

Depending on preference, most people choose a natural stone bracelet that is 1cm~1.5cm longer than their wrist circumference.


・Power stone: See Description

・Pearl: Black butterfly shell pearl 8.5~10.5mm

・Metal parts: 925 silver rhodium plated

Power Stone

Since ancient times, natural stones and minerals have been utilized as ceremonial tools and ornaments in various cultures around the world. In modern times, "stones with power" have taken root in people's lives as amulets and ornaments.

Although the effect has not been scientifically proven, it is said that everything in this world has vibrations and that the vibrations of the power stone adjust the vibrations of the person who wears it.

Since each type of power stone has different vibrations, it is believed that wearing a power stone according to one's wish for luck in money, work, or love will adjust the vibrations toward the realization of that wish.

The strong power of the tiger!

It is said that a tiger "goes a thousand miles in a day and returns a thousand miles in a day," and that it has the power to make one's wishes come true as early as possible through its strong life force.

The yellow vertical pattern is a symbol of "golden fortune" and is said to bring good fortune.

Furthermore, the tiger is said to bring up children with love and affection, and is said to bring good luck in childbirth, fertility, and marital bliss.

The tiger is also said to have the power to repel all enemies because of its sharp eyes that glare at foreign enemies.

Wear the tiger's powerful power every day to bring in all kinds of luck.

Prayed for "wish fulfillment"

We incorporate materials that have been carefully prayed for "wish fulfillment" at Hogihogi Shrine into this product.

Hogihogi Shrine?

Hogihogi Shrine is a famous good luck shrine iin Kumamoto, Japan.

More deities are enshrined at Hogihogi Shrine than regular shrines.

Despite the shrine's secluded location in the mountains and forests, there is no end to the number of worshippers who visit the shrine to worship the various deities that fulfill various "treasures".

Lucky number「15」

In both feng shui and family name divination, "15" is considered an important lucky number.

Money luck: You will have great financial fortune and a rich life. And they won't envy you for it.

Work luck: Opportunities come your way and you succeed in any job.

Love luck: Full of attractiveness, well-liked by others, and more opportunities for romance.

Let's wear such a supremely lucky "15" every day.

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