About Kifune Shrine(貴船神社

Kifune Shrine, nestled in the heart of Kyoto, is a beloved destination, especially during the summer when riverside dining platforms called 'kawadoko' are set up, allowing visitors to savor the elegance of Kyoto's summer.

This shrine is dedicated to the deity 'Takaokami-no-kami,' the guardian of water sources.

As the head shrine among the approximately 500 Kifune Shrines across the country, it holds a special place in Kyoto's heritage, traditionally revered as the protector of Kyoto's water source, the pristine Kifune River, the source of the Kamogawa River.

Within its precincts lies 'Yui no Yashiro,' Kyoto's foremost power spot for love and relationships.

Here, you can write your wishes on 'Yui no Fuda' (a type of paper charm) and tie them onto the 'Yui-dokoro' (a sacred binding place).

Legend has it that by making these connections, you can find a harmonious and destined relationship.

Kifune Shrine, with its tranquil setting and rich cultural significance, offers a serene escape in Kyoto, and is a place where both locals and visitors come to seek blessings and experience the unique charm of this sacred oasis.


The blessings of Kifune Shrine

  • Good Fortune: Kifune Shrine is believed to bring good luck and blessings into the lives of its visitors.
  • Matchmaking and Love: The shrine is renowned for its power in uniting couples and fostering love.
  • Fulfillment of Various Wishes: Devotees come here with various desires and prayers, seeking their fulfillment.


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