About Tokyo Daijingu(東京大神宮)

Tokyo Daijingu, revered as Tokyo’s "Ise Shrine," enshrines the same deities as Ise Shrine, establishing it as a spiritual center within the city.

Known as the first shrine in Japan to conduct a Shinto wedding ceremony, it holds a special place in the hearts of many couples.

The shrine is also popular for its wide variety of matchmaking charms, attracting visitors nationwide who seek blessings for relationships and love.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, this shrine offers tranquility and a respite from the urban bustle, providing visitors with peace and serenity.

It stands as an essential visit for anyone contemplating love or marriage, making Tokyo Daijingu a revered destination for those seeking spiritual and romantic fulfillment.


The blessings of Tokyo Daijingu

  • Matchmaking: Supports the development of personal relationships and fosters connections, serving as a powerful aid in forming auspicious ties.
  • Love Fulfillment: Brings luck to those wishing for advancement and success in their romantic endeavors.


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