Beware of fake Akoya pearls.

Some products sold claiming to be Akoya pearls are fakes.

Here are some general points about fake Akoya pearls




Artificial luster:

While genuine Akoya pearls have a natural luster, fakes may have an artificially created luster. Fakes reflect light easily, and extreme bright luster should be noted.


Surface Uniformity:

Naturally formed pearl surfaces have minute irregularities, but fakes may reproduce a perfectly even surface. If the surface of the pearl is perfectly even, it may be a fake.


Uniformity of size:

Akoya pearls are naturally formed and therefore have some variation in size. Fakes, on the other hand, are mechanically produced and may be uniform in size. If all the pearls are too neatly aligned in size, caution should be exercised.


Color Consistency:

While real Akoya pearls show subtle color variations depending on how light hits them, fakes may reproduce a uniform color. If all pearls have exactly the same color, they may be fakes.


Pearl Weight:

Akoya pearls generally feel heavier than other fakes. If the pearls feel lighter, they may be fakes.



These are just general indicators, but to make an accurate judgment, we recommend that you buy from a reputable jeweler or pearl store. An expert will be able to evaluate the quality and characteristics of the pearls, making your purchase more secure.


※Akoya pearl products sold at come with a certificate of authenticity.