Hanten Dragon


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One size

It is a hanten featuring large dragons on the back and both arms. You can feel energy and power of dragon!

What is Hanten?

It is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing.

It is said that the warrior dyed his family crest and worn it is the origin.

In the Edo era, carpenters and firefighters dyed themselves into their own unique designs and worn as uniforms, making it a popular item among the general population.

You can wear it in any shape.

Dragon design

Dragons are said to be the source of all energy and have the power to raise any luck


There is only one size for Hanten.

・Length: 85cm

・Width: 68cm

・Obi (belt): 6cm x 165cm long


100% cotton


Hanten are often worn during festivals in Japan nowadays.

However, you can enjoy wearing it anytime.

Dragon Power & Energy

Feel dragon power & energy!

Raise your luck by wearing koikuchi shirt with dragon!