Japanese Sandal (Setta) Dragon Blue


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They are modern Setta which "Dragon" is embellished on the dark blue base. Dragon is a symbol of power.

What is Setta (Japanese Sandal)?

A kind of traditional Japanese footwear.

Setta are easier to walk and more safely than Geta, so there are more people wearing Setta, especially where a lot of people gather such as festivals and fireworks festivals.

Setta which we offer on this site are arranged in contemporary style such as the material of the front and back, so you can wear them easily like beach sandals.

Dragon design

Dragons are said to be the source of all energy and have the power to raise any luck


・L: 25cm x 9.5cm
・LL: 27cm x 10.5cm

Since it is told that the slightly overhanging heel is stylish (cool), you can choose Setta whose size is slightly smaller than your size.
However, if the width of the feet is wide or the top of foot is high, please choose the size with margin.


Fabric, reinforced rubber

Setta (Japanese Sandal)

A kind of traditional Japanese footwear.

They are more durable than Zouri which are sandals made by braiding plants. And Setta are not so difficult to walk compared to Geta which have teeth type clogs, so it is said that cultural people such as the person who conducts tea ceremony wore them and widespread.

Dragon Power & Energy

Feel dragon power & energy!

Raise your luck by wearing koikuchi shirt with dragon!