Koikuchi shirt Dragon Navy

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Cool shirt in navy with lots of dragons! Let's feel lots of energy and power on your body.

What is Koikuchi Shirt?

This shirt is called "koikuchi shirt" meaning mouth of a carp because the cuffs are slit like the mouth of a carp.

Originally used as underwear for Japanese festivals, the shirt has become more colorful in design and pattern, and has spread as a fashionable shirt to be worn at festivals and other occasions.

It is now used not only by festival-goers as everyday wear, but also as a uniform for the staff of Japanese restaurants.

Dragon design

Dragons are said to be the source of all energy and have the power to raise any luck


S: For about 155-160 cm tall
M: For about 160-165 cm tall
L: For about 165-170 cm tall
LL: For about 170-180 cm tall
3L: For about 165-180 cm tall. For the person with wide body.


100% cotton

Koikuchi Shirt Style

Koikuchi Shirt can be worn for walks, shopping, dates, and many other occasions.

Why not add a Japanese touch to your styling?

Dragon Power & Energy

Feel dragon power & energy!

Raise your luck by wearing koikuchi shirt with dragon!