Offering Box Piggy Bank


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This unique piggy bank is based on the motif of an offering box at a shrine.

You can utilize it a home, but how about installing it in your store as a tip box?

Saving money in an offering box may have the effect of opening the door to good fortune for the fulfillment of your wish!


Offering box

An offering box is used to collect offerings at shrines and temples in Japan. When people visit shrines and temples, they toss coins in the offering box as money offered to the gods or bodhisattvas.

In Japanese, an offering box is called "saisen-bako (賽銭箱)."

An offering box is typically made by wood with a grate for the top cover.


  • Wood


  • 140mm x 100mm x 95mm


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Kotobuki "寿”

Kotobuki is a Chinese character that originally meant "long life."

寿(Kotobuki) is widely used as a single character to express congratulations in Japan.