Sensu Cherry Blossom Red (Hand fan)


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Sensu (hand fan) with cherry blossom.

This sensu can be used as a hand fan, but it is also recommended to decorate a room or store.

It can be a great gift for a celebration.



Sensu is a tool to create wind by fanning, but is has long been utilized as an indispensable prop in traditional Japanese performing arts.

When acting on stage, it is used not only to make the hand look bigger, but aloso as a tool to express the emotions and feelings of the characters.


  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Metal fittings



  • 28.8cm 


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Kotobuki "寿”

Kotobuki is a Chinese character that originally meant "long life."

寿(Kotobuki) is widely used as a single character to express congratulations in Japan.