About Asakusa Shrine(浅草神社)

Located in the heart of Tokyo's Asakusa district, Asakusa Shrine is a beloved local shrine that sits adjacent to the famous Senso-ji Temple.

The shrine honors three local historical figures — a cultural luminary and two fishermen — who are credited with saving the Senso-ji's Kannon statue from the Sumida River and enshrining it at their home.

These three figures are venerated as guardians of the region's history and culture, and the shrine itself is designated as a national Important Cultural Property.

The shrine is also renowned for its annual Sanja Matsuri, held every May.

This vibrant festival draws large crowds of both locals and tourists, celebrating with grand processions and lively performances.

Additionally, the shrine's impressively structured guardian statues, the komainu, are notable for their splendid form and are a must-see for visitors.

Blending culture and history, Asakusa Shrine offers a captivating experience to all its visitors, providing a sense of peace and spiritual enrichment amidst the bustling city environment.


The blessings of Asakusa Shrine

  • Overall Fortune: Enhances good luck and creates positive life flows.
  • Wish Fulfillment: Supports the realization of deep desires and life goals.
  • Business Prosperity: Promotes business success and prosperity.
  • Household Safety: Ensures peace and safety within the family home.


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