About Hikan Inari Shrine(被官稲荷神社)

Located as a subsidiary of Asakusa Shrine, Hikan Inari Shrine was established in 1854, marking its origin from a miraculous recovery.

The shrine was founded after Shinmon Tatsugoro’s wife, who was gravely ill, prayed at Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine and subsequently recovered fully.

This led to the enshrinement of a division of the deity at this site, making it particularly known for blessings related to health and recovery from illness.

The shrine is cherished for its adorable, pure white fox statues that offer solace and hope to visitors.

The white fox symbolizes purity and good connections, attracting many to witness its mystical presence.

This shrine provides a tranquil and comforting space, offering peace and spiritual fulfillment to all who visit.

It is an unmissable spot in Asakusa, known for its serene environment and the spiritual uplift it provides.


The blessings of Hikan Inari Shrine

  • Work Fortune: Supports business success and efficient work performance.
  • Employment: Provides strong support for finding favorable job opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: Assists those seeking to improve their career standing or social status.


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