About Atago Shrine(愛宕神社)

Located in Tokyo's Minato District, Atago Shrine is renowned for its 'Stairway to Success,' a unique power spot attracting those aiming for career advancement.

The shrine features a steep staircase with an incline of about 40 degrees, comprising 86 steps.

It is believed that ascending these steps without rest leads to professional success and promotion.

The shrine's history is marked by a tale involving Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third shogun, who admired the blossoming plum trees atop the steep stone steps of Atago Shrine.

He ordered his retainers to fetch the plums while riding a horse.

One courageous retainer accomplished this task, subsequently earning the title of 'Japan's greatest horseman' and achieving significant career advancement.


The blessings of Atago Shrine

  • Career Advancement: A potent power spot for those seeking upward mobility and social promotion.
  • Work Luck: A supportive force for those wishing for success and good fortune in their professional endeavors.


Situated in the heart of Tokyo's bustling Minato District, Atago Shrine offers a tranquil and sacred space just steps away from urban activity.

For those seeking career growth and good fortune in work, the shrine's Stairway to Success presents a challenge worth undertaking.


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