About Ise Jingu(伊勢神宮)

Ise Shrine, located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, Japan, is revered as the spiritual center of Japanese mystique and spirituality.

Officially known as "Jingu," this sacred site encompasses the Inner Shrine, dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, the ancestral deity of the Imperial family, and the Outer Shrine, devoted to Toyouke-Omikami, the deity of agriculture and industry.

The expansive complex includes 14 auxiliary shrines, 43 affiliated shrines, 24 subordinate shrines, and 42 administrative shrines, totaling 125 sanctuaries.

Renowned for its profound history and spiritual significance, Ise Shrine draws visitors seeking blessings in various aspects of life.

Visiting Ise Shrine offers a journey into the depths of Japanese culture and spirituality.

Its tranquil environment, solemn atmosphere, and historical structures provide a space for serenity and introspection.

It stands as an unparalleled destination to experience the traditions and natural beauty of Japan.

A visit to this holy place offers rejuvenation for both body and soul, and a chance to recharge your energy for everyday life.

Ise Shrine, symbolizing the heart and soul of Japan, awaits your presence.


The blessings of Ise Jingu

  • Fortune and Happiness: A power spot for those seeking a fresh start or a turn in fate.
  • Warding off Evil: A sacred place for protection against life’s hardships and calamities.
  • Guardian of Agriculture and Fishing: A haven for harmonizing with nature and wishing for bountiful harvests.
  • Industrial Prosperity: A crucial shrine for business success and industrial growth.


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