About Mitsumine Shrine(三峯神社)

Mitsumine Shrine is a mystical sanctuary located in the Chichibu region of Japan.

Known as one of the Chichibu Sanja, along with Chichibu Shrine and Hodosan Shrine, it captivates visitors with its unique set of three torii gates.

The shrine venerates the wolf as its guardian deity, and instead of traditional komainu (guardian dog statues), wolf statues solemnly sit throughout the premises.

This rare characteristic leaves a lasting impression on visitors, enhancing the sacred atmosphere of the shrine.

Surrounded by the lush nature of Chichibu, Mitsumine Shrine is beloved by many as a hallowed place where one can feel a powerful spiritual presence amidst its stunning scenery.

Mitsumine Shrine is known for its blessings of matchmaking and purification from bad luck.

It is deeply revered as a deity of matchmaking, serving as a power spot for those seeking romantic fulfillment and good fortunes in relationships.

The shrine is also famed for its ability to ward off misfortune, with numerous visitors coming to seek relief from bad luck during critical years or for general protection. 


The blessings of Mitsumine Shrine

  • Matchmaking
  • Purification from bad luck


Tourist information

  • Official website (Japanese only): https://www.mitsuminejinja.or.jp/
  • Address: 298-1 Mitsumine, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1902
  • Map: