About Namiyoke Shrine(波除神社)

Located in Tokyo's Tsukiji area, Namiyoke Shrine is renowned for its miraculous origin during the tumultuous early days of the Edo period when a divine apparition in the sea calmed the turbulent waters, allowing for the area’s development.

This historical event has ingrained deep faith among the local community, securing the shrine's place as a spiritual guardian of Tsukiji.

The shrine's iconic giant lion head symbolizes strength and protection, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

It plays a central role in the annual Tsukiji Shishi Festival in June, an event that captivates both locals and tourists with its vibrant celebration.

Situated at the heart of Tsukiji, Namiyoke Shrine is a pivotal site symbolizing the area's culture and history. Its spiritual influence brings peace and stability to many, while supporting the ongoing development of the Tsukiji district.


The blessings of Namiyoke Shrine

  • Disaster Prevention: Serving as a guardian deity for those seeking protection from calamities and a peaceful life.
  • Misfortune Avoidance: Assisting individuals in cleansing bad luck and starting anew with purity.
  • Business Prosperity: Blessing entrepreneurs with success and prosperity in their ventures.
  • Construction Safety: Providing a haven for prayers for the safety of construction workers and projects.



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