About Musashi Mitake Shrine(武蔵御嶽神社)

Musashi Mitake Shrine, perched at an elevation of 929 meters, stands as a sacred site overflowing with history and nature, watching over the Kanto region.

Central to the Ontake faith that spread among the common folk during the mid-Edo period, the shrine venerates "Oinu-sama (Ōkuchi-no-Makami)," widely revered as a protector against theft and evil.

The deity's likeness adorns the shrine's guardian statues and amulets, earning deep faith from many devotees.

In recent years, an increasing number of visitors come with their dogs to pray, thanks to the unique allowance by the Mitake Mountain Railway to board dogs without cages.

This accessibility has made the shrine a favored pilgrimage destination for pet owners.

This shrine, with its rich natural environment and historical significance, serves as an ideal place for those seeking spiritual peace. As a spiritual heartland of the Kanto area, it continues to be cherished and respected by many.


The blessings of Musashi Mitake Shrine

  • Theft Protection: Offers powers to safeguard possessions and ensure safety.
  • Evil Warding: Protects from malevolent forces and maintains purity.
  • Harvest Deity: Acts as a guardian deity for farmers, promoting bountiful crops.


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