About Okunitama Shrine(大國魂神社)

Located in Fuchu City, Tokyo, Ōkunitama Shrine, established in the year 111 AD, serves as the chief shrine of Musashi Province and is one of the distinguished Tokyo Go-sha.

This shrine is celebrated for its unique purification ritual known as "Ningyo Nagashi," where misfortunes and impurities are transferred to dolls and ceremoniously floated away in water, attracting visitors seeking to partake in this traditional cleansing practice.

As the principal shrine of the Musashi Province, Ōkunitama Shrine plays a vital role in offering comfort and hope through its potent spiritual powers.

It is a place of great value not only for locals but also for those traveling from afar, making it a worthy destination.

Experience spiritual purification and renewal in this historically rich and sacred site, where tradition and tranquility reign. 


The blessings of Okunitama Shrine

  • Warding off Misfortune: Clears away bad luck and misfortunes, ensuring peaceful and safe days for its visitors.
  • All-direction Protection: Provides protective energy against troubles coming from any direction.
  • Fortune Enhancement: Boosts overall fortune, attracting new and positive opportunities.
  • Matchmaking: Supports the development of romantic and interpersonal relationships, fostering meaningful connections.


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