About Suwa-taisha (諏訪大社)

Suwa Taisha, nestled around the scenic Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, stands as one of the oldest shrines in Japan.

It is the head shrine of the numerous Suwa shrines spread across the country, symbolizing a rich blend of natural beauty and sacred history.

Revered as the guardian deity of wind and water, and as a god of abundant harvests and valiant warriors, it has been worshipped since ancient times.

Today, it is celebrated as the protector of life’s foundations and daily sustenance.

Surrounded by magnificent nature and historic structures, the shrine offers peace of mind and a chance to explore spirituality.

It is an unrivaled destination for experiencing the traditions and natural beauty of Japan.

Suwa Taisha awaits those seeking spiritual refreshment and renewed energy for everyday life, standing as a symbol of nature and prosperity, the spiritual heart of Nagano Prefecture.


The blessings of Suwa-taisha

  • Abundant Harvests: A guardian deity for farmers desiring bountiful crops and nature’s gifts.
  • Victory Wishes: A divine supporter for those seeking success in competitions and challenges.
  • Warding off Evil: A sacred site for protection against life’s obstacles and misfortunes.
  • Matchmaking: A power spot for the development of relationships and new encounters.
  • Maritime Protection: A guardian for sailors and fishermen wishing for safety at sea.


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